Name: Brilniton's Academy of the Gifted

Description: Looking for a place to learn magic? Wanting to develop your innate abilities to surpass your friends? Maybe you just want to make some friends? Whatever your goals are you can accomplish them at Brilniton’s Academy for the gifted! Here at Brilniton we provide an education for just about every school of magic there is. Want to summon creatures to do your bidding? Take some Conjuration classes! Want to manipulate your classmates into going out with you? Take some Illusion classes! Maybe you just want to blow shit up with Destruction magic! (Brilniton Academy is not responsible for any injuries or death) At Brilniton, you’re free to grow your character through roleplaying in any specific type of magic from our extensive and diverse magic system. We’re a friendly RP server thats quickly growing in size to accommodate a wide range of people all interested in Roleplaying at a magical school. With an active community and attentive mods you’ll be able to take part in everything from slice-of-life to adventures and even ERPing. Submit your character to start!

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Category: Roleplay

Owner: She Who Likes Cookies#8713

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